Empowering global learning through quality learning which respects diversity


  • Provide meaningful learning to achieve success.
  • Develop awareness of lifelong learning and love of learning.
  • Provide an emotionally secure and physically safe environment.
  • Respect differences and diversity
  • Develop social awareness and contribute to the community

Curriculum: National Plus

  • Using English as the medium of instruction
  • Employing native speakers who are experts
  • Classroom instruction is arranged into “focus lessons” finishing at 2:30 p.m.
  • Using imported books from Singapore
  • Implementing the philosophy of differentiated instruction which promotes individual potency and appreciates individual differences
  • Implementing character education
  • Empowering multicultural awareness
  • Implementing project-based and community-based learning
  • Audio-visual instruction
  • Periodic ‘Parents’ Conference
  • Music Program
  • Implementing IT/ Audio visual in Learning and Instruction
  • New and sturdy building
  • Comfortable classrooms
  • Sufficient playground and sport area
  • Living biology lab (garden and rice field which are specially managed to support learning)
  • Traffic Park
  • Library
  • 'Etude care' (supervised study time)
  • 'Creativity Center'